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Fostering Optimal Neurodevelopment 2017

This online course will cover the integration of primitive reflexes and the development of postural reflexes are key to proper sensory-motor development. Proper sensory-motor processing is essential in order for a child to be able to learn academically, socially, emotionally and motor skills. When any of the eight sensory systems are dysregulated, a child may have difficulty with attention, focus, cognition, mood, social and academic performance and more!


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For those of you that missed any or all of the three days of this live webinar and signed up for CE’s, you will need to listen to the portion that you missed and then take the test that corresponds to that particular lecture. Passing is considered 80% on each section. You will also need to sign the “Certification of Attendance & Completion” at the end of the test.

Once completed, you must either fax all documents to: 208-904-2746 or e-mail to: and we will send all necessary documentation to Life-West for processing.

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