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It is incredibly difficult for me to put into words what Dr. Buerger has done for me. Her passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for the subject are contagious from the moment you walk into her seminars and classes. Her hands-on demonstrations and class participation not only kept my attention but also allowed me to truly learn the material and utilize it in my office. Thank you Dr. Buerger!

– Testimonial by Dr. Tiffany Green, Seattle, WA


The COVID Generation: How prenatal stress affects the unborn child and HOW we can TURN THE TIDE

The neuroscience literature of HOW prenatal stress affects neurodevelopment and WHY it is considered the basis for the neurobiology of physical and mental dis-ease is vast! In this on-line CE webinar, Dr. Buerger will break down the science into bite size easy pieces, give you red flags to be aware of, help you understand the chiropractic connection and lay out applicable steps so you can be best prepared and at the forefront of helping to TURN THE TIDE for future generations!


Prenatal Stress: Beyond the Womb

The neuroscience literature of HOW prenatal stress affects neurodevelopment and WHY it is considered the basis for the neurobiology of physical and mental dis-ease is vast! In this course, Dr. Buerger will present key strategies to help minimize the effects of fetal imprints related to maternal stressors. She will teach attendees how to optimize the trajectory of neurodevelopment and minimize future “hits” that are known to trigger various dis-eases.


Chiropractic and the Polyvagal Theory

The body’s wandering nerve – the Vagus Nerve – has made a huge splash in the world of health and well-being in the past two decades. Join Dr. Buerger as she breaks down the Polyvagal Theory into easy to understand, bite-size pieces to help chiropractors and their staff better understand and communicate the importance of the vagus nerve. Then learn how to apply these principles to everyday practice! Monika Buerger, BS, DC, is the pioneer in the chiropractic profession when it comes to working with children that have neurosensory and neurodevelopmental disorders. She is a powerful and engaging instructor who brings it all down to earth for the every-day practitioner. She is not to be missed!


Chiropractic, Colic and the Microbiome of Children

Recent years of research has shown that there is a connection between the gut and the brain. This bi-directional axis is the core of our physical and mental health. The integrity of the microbiome of the mother (MOM) and the microbiome of the baby (MOB) have a profound impact on neurodevelopment as well as the neurobiology of disease.

In this fascinating course, Drs. Haavik and Buerger will walk you through this incredibly important topic using science, application and communication from a chiropractic approach. They will give you hands-on tangible information to implement into your everyday practice care plans as well as how to communicate an effective science based message to your community.


Chiropractic, Interoception and Enuresis

Drs. Haavik and Buerger met while speaking on the same stage at some of the largest chiropractic events in the world. With their dual love and passion for “brain based chiropractic”, they could not help but become fast friends.

Now they are joining brains to enlighten the world about the Science, Application and Communication of chiropractic! Dr. Haavik brings to the table her brilliant research and ease of which to communicate it to your community. Dr. Buerger brings her vast clinical experience and how to apply the research and build a “brain based practice”. Both will break down complex neurophysiological concepts into small bite size pieces that are tangible. Then they will give you the diamonds and pearls to take home and implement into your practices for ultimate patient outcomes!



Learn the in’s and out’s of building the practice and life you want, all online. Our CE accredited courses are packed full with critical information that can change the tide on your patient’s health, development and success in life!

Methylation, Mitochondria, & Metabolism

NEW UPDATED CLASS” to be held on September 7, 8, 9. Friday from 4-8 PM MST, Saturday from 8 AM – Noon MST and Sunday 8 AM- Noon MST. It’s not just about MTHFR, this course looks at the bigger picture! Methylation, mitochondria and metabolism are three key biochemical systems that work together to regulate cellular health and DNA expression. Autonomic dysfunction will affect these biochemical pathways. This course will cover key foundational aspects of these three systems and how to effectively manage them using diet, lifestyle and neuronutritional protocols in conjunction with chiropractic care and sensory-motor regulation.


Fostering Optimal Neurodevelopment

The integration of primitive reflexes and the development of postural reflexes are key to proper sensory-motor development. Proper sensory-motor processing is essential in order for a child to be able to learn academically, socially, emotionally and motor skills. When any of the eight sensory systems are dysregulated, a child may have difficulty with attention, focus, cognition, mood, social and academic performance and more! Primitive reflexes should be integrated by no later than the first year of life. Dr. Buerger will cover how to evaluate primitive and postural reflexes in the older child (ages 4 and up). She will also demonstrate specific integration maneuvers and specific exercises that can be applied for each reflex should they remain active. Because each child’s functional capacity is different, she will also address how to modify/adapt these depending on the ability of the child. She will also discuss the important role that chiropractic care has on the integration of primitive reflexes, the development of postural reflexes and the development of the sensory-motor systems.


Balancing the TWO Brains

Learn How to Heal the Gut-Brain Axis and change the trajectory of life for your patients!! Recent years of research has shown us that there is a connection between the gut and the brain. This bi-directional axis is the core of our physical and mental health. Dr. Buerger will cover, in depth, the connection between the gut, the brain and the immune system from a neurophysiological standpoint. She will present up-to-date research on how trauma (emotional and/or physical), concussions and whiplash injuries can alter the gut-brain-immune axis and the potential health implications that may result. Dr. Buerger will address the biomechanical aspects related to gut-brain disruption that are pertinent to the chiropractic profession. Specific “gut rehab” protocols and neurointegrative rehab exercises and protocols will be covered so you can start changing lives Monday morning!


The Ties That Bind: The ABC’s of Tethered Oral Tissues

It’s NOT just about breastfeeding or speech, it’s about maximizing human POTENTIAL! Online edition of an exciting new course! Available anywhere! Purchasing this course will give you access to the recorded videos and CE affidavit materials.

How to choose Masteron Enanthate

The sports nutrition market offers a rich variety of nutritional supplements. When selecting Oral masteron enanthate, you need to analyze the percentage of protein present in the formulation. This additive is created in three ways, and as a result we get: isolate concentrate and texturate. The most expensive and nutritious – first option. In the concentrate, the proportion of protein – 30-80%. Texturate in sports nutrition is rarely used. To buy powdered protein should only be from manufacturers with a proven reputation. Large-scale corporations specializing in the development and implementation of sports nutrition, achieve high quality products. They provide thorough purification of protein, increase the nutritional value of additives. Before buying it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the composition of the powder. Masteron Propionate should be 100% natural.

Chiropractors and other practitioners all across the world are seeing more babies/children with tethered oral tissues (TOTs). These fascial restrictions are wreaking havoc on spinal and cranial structures. If not addressed, these restrictions can lead to chronic subluxation patterns as well as neurological stress and abnormal sensory-motor development. This course will cover all aspects to consider when it comes to tethered oral tissues: potential reasons for increased number of cases, biochemical pathways, toxic stressors and nutritional deficits linked with TOTs, spinal and cranial biomechanical insults as the result of TOTs, and sensory-motor dysfunction and neurophysiological ramifications associated with TOTs. Assessment and identification of TOTs, spinal adjustments, cranial-sacral care and myofascial techniques to help manage these cases will all be covered.


Derailed: The Hijacking of our Children’s Neurodevelopment

This course is a MUST for any chiropractor working with children! With the ever increasing rise in neurodevelopmental disorders and childhood illnesses, it is important that the Doctor of Chiropractic working with children have an understanding of the multitude of factors that can be attributed to this epidemic. In addition, they should be well versed in various stressors that can potentially disrupt optimal neurodevelopment and have concrete tools to help cultivate a preventative approach using the philosophy of a chiropractic lifestyle. They should also be aware of atypical development patterns in the first year of life that can alter the trajectory of neurodevelopment- potentially leading to physical and/or mental illness later in life.