developingMINDS University (DMU)

developingMINDS University (DMU)

ENROLLMENT OPENS EARLY 2019!  Flagship class, tuition only $249/mo


In order to deliver the most comprehensive program and help make you as successful as possible, here as just some of the things you will learn at developingMINDS University:

  • Preconception Care
  • Typical vs Atypical Development
  • How to promote optimal neurodevelopment
  • Primitive reflex assessment across all ages & stages
  • Sensory-motor development and function across all ages & stages
  • Neuronutrition for optimal neurodevelopment
  • ABC’s of Tethered Oral Tissues
  • Chiro-Gut-Immune-Sensory Axis
  • Full spine adjusting
  • Cranial Sacral care
  • Mastering branding, marketing, networking with other professionals/schools and social media management

One in six children in this country are said to have a neurodevelopmental disorder, one in five are said to have a mental disorder and approximately one-third of children in this country and said to have a chronic health disorder.  The chiropractic profession has been growing in popularity in regards to working with the pediatric population; especially those children that are struggling with neurodevelopmental challenges.  Many parents seeking alternative care for their children will rely solely on the Doctor of Chiropractic as their “primary care” doctor.   Given this paradigm shift, it is important that those Doctors of Chiropractic working with children be well versed in not only being able to detect and correct vertebral subluxations, but also in the following: determining normal vs abnormal development, what this may be a sign of, if left unresolved how might it manifest and how to best manage/co-manage these cases.  The DMU curriculum is set within a subluxation based model with the material designed to be practical and easy to implement across multiple practice paradigm models.



About DMU

developingMINDS University was born from hundreds of social media tags, e-mails, calls and other ways that doctors from all around the world have reached out to Dr. Buerger for help with various levels of pediatric cases.  developingMINDS is a one-of-a-kind mentoring and certification program.  In order to help minimize travel costs and time away from your practice and family, the program is divided between a self-paced on-line curriculum along with monthly live on-line Clinical Rounds classes with the added caveat of four live modules.  The four live “functional assessment” modules are designed to help “pull all the pieces together” as well as ensure that students have a full grasp of the on-line content and have the practical skills to be successful.  The live functional assessment classes will allow students to fine tune their skills learned from the on-line curriculum and is one of the most invaluable features about this program.  Having the opportunity to learn the material on-line and start to implement it in a practical setting while also having a mentor to guide you through “pot holes” along the way and then have live weekend gatherings to hone your skills even more and work out any “kinks” you may have is hands down the most optimal learning opportunity!

Additional Benefits:

  • Private Facebook forum for collaboration and case discussion
  • Live interaction with Dr. Buerger during monthly Clinical Rounds
  • Dr. B at your fingertips to help you navigate difficult cases
  • Bonus module:  How to integrate protocols/procedures in your office
  • Bonus module:  How to communicate chiropractic for kids to other health professionals and stimulate referrals
  • Chiropractic CE’s while learning this amazing cutting edge information!

This program is open to:  Doctors of Chiropractic, chiropractic students in their third year or higher,  chiropractic assistants, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Occupational Therapists, and Nurse Practitioners.  (CE’s only granted for DC’s)

Course curriculum includes


Self-paced on-line course material covers:

  • Neurobiology:  The Developmental Years
    • The developing brain
    • The first 365 days:  typical vs atypical, developmental concerns, quick screening protocols
    • Years 2-5:  typical vs atypical, developmental concerns, quick screening protocols
    • Primitive reflexes:  evaluation and promoting integration in the early years
    • Movement & the Mind:  How to promote optimal neurodevelopment
    • Neuronutritional considerations for optimal development
  • The Primitive Brain
    • The polyvagal theory’s role in development
    • Neurobiology of Emotion
    • Primitive Reflexes
      • Evaluation in the older child/adult
      • Integration protocols for the older child/adult
      • Adaptive protocols for the difficult child and special needs population
  • Sensory-Motor Development & Postural Reflexes
    • Postural reflexes: significance and habilitation
    • The cerebellum & vestibular system: development, evaluation and habilitation
    • The proprioceptive system:  development, evaluation and habilitation
    • The visual system:  development, evaluation and habilitation
    • The auditory system:  development, evaluation and habilitation
    • The tactile and olfactory systems:  evaluation and habilitation
    • The interoceptive system
    • Frontal Lobe and Executive Functioning: development, evaluation and habilitation
    • Calming protocols for the “hard to adjust” child
  • Methylation, Mitochondria and Metabolism

Note:  This on-line class in normally $349 but is included in your tuition

Total On-Line Class Hours:  40 


Live Clinical Rounds Classes

Monthly live meetings via GoToTraining *All meetings are recorded for later viewing if you cannot attend live.

Total On-Line Clinical Hours:  24-36


Live Classes:

The Ties That Bind:  The ABC’s of Tethered Oral Tissues (16 hours)

It is NOT just about feeding or speech issues!  The incidence of children presenting with lip and tongue ties are on the rise and practitioners are scrambling to understand the WHY behind it and HOW to help manage these cases. Tethered oral tissues can lead to a host of neurophysiological consequences.  In this intensive seminar, we cover the multiple factors you need to understand around tethered oral tissues and HOW to help these children thrive in every aspect!

This class will also help you see the “bigger picture” in regards to the many factors that should be addressed in order to promote proper neurophysiological development in ALL children!  Steps for preconception care, prenatal care and the early years will all be addressed.


Overview of topics to be addressed:

  • A “Red Flag” History: Asking the right history questions in regards to neurodevelopment and/or neurophysiological dysfunction and any associations with tethered oral tissues.
  • “Priming the Pump” Pre-Conception Care: An overview of the epigenetic influence on methylation and the consequences of DNA expression. Pre-conception neuronutritional care and fetal neurodevelopmental considerations will be covered.
  • The connection between tethered oral tissue and digestion, sensory dysfunction, neurodevelopment and posture:  Why Chiropractic Care is so Important
  • Tongue Tie, Real or Myth?
  • Functional tongue assessment and assessment for restricted tissues (tongue, lip and buccal) 
  • Pre and post revision treatment
  • Cranial-sacral and oral therapies

Instructors:  Dr. Monika Buerger, Dr. Bridgette Chelf, Dr. James Murphy, MD

Note:  This class in normally $499 but is included in your tuition and will always be held in San Diego, CA in the month of February



Functional Assessment of Primitive and Postural Reflexes and Full Spine Technique (16 hours)

    • Hands-on assessment, integration and implementation of primitive & postural reflexes learned through the on-line curriculum
    • Hands-on full spine adjusting technique
    • Open forum

Instructors:  Dr. Monika Buerger and special guest instructor

Note:  This class in normally $499 but is included in your tuition and will always be held in Idaho Falls, ID in the month of June at Dr. Buerger’s clinic.  This gives students the ability to see her office and to bring patients in for the ultimate learning experience. 



Functional Assessment of the sensory-motor systems and the Gut-Brain-Immune Axis (16 hours)

    • Hands-on assessment, habilitation and implementation exercises for sensory-motor development learned through the on-line curriculum
    • Gut-Brain-Immune Axis and their roles in neurodevelopment

   Instructors:  Dr. Monika Buerger, DC, Dr. Janet Lintala, DC, Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, MD

Note:  This class in normally $499 but is included in your tuition and will always be held on the East Coast; month will vary.



Cranial-sacral and myofascial release (12 hours)

    • The role of the fascial system in proper neurodevelopment
    • Specific cranial-sacral and myofascial protocols
    • Special adaptations for the difficult and special needs child

Instructor:  TBA

Note:  This class in normally $399 but is included in your tuition.  Location and month will vary. 

Total Live Hours:  60



Other Information & Criteria:

  • All students are mandated to present at least one case for Clinical Rounds during their enrollment
  • A 24 month non-refundable commitment is required.  Should you wish to stop the program before the 24 month period, you will still be charged.
  • Should you require a longer period of time in which to complete the classes, you will only be charged the one-time tuition option or the 24 month tuition payment option and will be able to attend the given class beyond the 24 month period.
  • An application for enrollment is required (download here)
  • Live classes will be held either every year to every 18 months
  • A $250 fee will be charged for the final exam and certificate of completion