Dr. Jennifer Knuckles

Dr. Jennifer Knuckles

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In our exam and treatments, we address the following:
– Function of every major nerve in the body
– Structural misalignments
– Potential vitamin and mineral deficiencies
– Immune function and stealth infections
– Possible toxic overload
– Stress

Techniques: Quantum Neurology (low level light therapy, brain balancing, sensory reintegration), Activator (gentle adjusting technique), Neuro Emotional Technique (stress reduction).

We use Dr. J Dunn’s Methylation Protocol (www.wholisticmethylation.com) on adults with chronic conditions. Note: Still working on how to implement the technique with our ASD kids because the protocol mainly uses Nutriwest’s supplements (pills/capsules).

In addition to the (AH-mazing) MEMP Program, I’m working on my Diplomate, American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN).

Populations Served
Women with chronic conditions (Lyme, Fibromyalgia, RA). Kids on the sprectrum – all “difficult” cases are welcome. Young adults with depression/anxiety.

Post Graduate Certifications

Neuro Emotional Technique Certified, Webster Certified