Jeanne Sandheinrich

Jeanne Sandheinrich

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1st Step is a wholistic Family Wellness practice that has a focus on prenatal and infant care. Dr Jeanne has had extensive cranial work training and works with infants with breastfeeding issues, including tongue tie, cranial shape issues, and development issues. She sees patients with chronic stealth infections and has a unique approach to clearing the body of these bugs. She is knowledgeable about MTHFR and other gene snps. NEXT STEP is a sensory program that was launched in 2018. We focus on gut health using digestive enzymes for most ailments that present to the office.

Populations Served
Prenatal, infants, all children— kids on the spectrum, ADHD, anxiety, depression,

Post Graduate Certifications

Internal health specialist, CCAc—certified chiropractic acupuncturist, CLC- certified lactation counselor