Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant

Contact Information
East Central, Golinda, Texas 76685
Detailed Information

Family-wellness centered chiropractic, 4 total DCs (two of which are multigenerational). My primary patient base is either pregnant or under the age of 12. My heart really lies in the pregnant population. I love empowering women and alleviating common stresses during pregnancy along with equipping them for a great delivery. I am just starting to skim the hem of the garment when it comes to more advanced pediatric care. Those kiddos seems to flock this way and I’d love to serve them better.

Populations Served
Perinatal care, newborn/infants with latch issues, colicky, consipation, etc; toddler/preschooler with mild, moderate developmental issues; school aged kids with mild/moderate adhd; general wellness kids and adults

Post Graduate Certifications