Dr. B. @ YOUR Doorstep

Dr. B. @ YOUR Doorstep

An AMAZING opportunity to have Dr. Buerger all to yourself or share amongst others that can benefit from her knowledge.  Save time and travel expenses too, she will come to you! 


Whether you want to host a private seminar with just you and your staff or you wish to invite other collegues to YOUR exclusive event, we have created two incredible opportunities to customize your private event and semi-tailor the weekend to your needs!

Track 1: (12-16 hours over 2 days)

Sensory-Motor and Neurofunctional Development

Core topics:

  • The developing brain
  • Primitive and Postural Reflexes evaluation and integration
    • The early years
    • The older child/adult
    • Special needs populations
  • Sensory-Motor development, evaluation and habilitation


Track 2: (12-16 hours over 2 days)

Neuronutrition and Biochemistry Made Easy

Core topics:

  • The 3M’s:  Methylation, Mitochondria & Metabolism
  • “Gut Rehab”
  • Lab interpretations
  • Individualized protocols for patients

Dr. Buerger will only be doing two exclusive Executive Level events per year.  If you are interested, please contact us at:  XOXOXO  to set up a private call with Dr. Buerger to discuss details. 

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