Our Learning Academy Primary Level benefits include:

  • Membership on our private Facebook forum for collaboration with other doctors and access to special postings from Dr. Buerger
  • Quarterly “Live with Dr. B” on-line classes
  • “Tidbits”:  short and easy learning opportunities for the busy professional!  Videos and “webinarettes” include:
    • Primitive and Postural reflex evaluations and integration
    • Sensory-motor evaluation
    • Sensory-motor rehabilitation exercises
    • Cerebellar exercises
    • Many other topics as well!
  • Numerous recorded webinars for viewing and learning.  Categories include:
    • Neurodevelopment & Functional Neurology
    • Learning, Attention & Behavior
    • Methylation, Mitochondria & Metabolism
    • Functional Nutrition
    • “Gut Rehab”
    • Foundations of Health
    • Tethered Oral Tissues
    • Marketing & Community Outreach
    • Personal & Professional Growth
  • Invaluable research at your fingertips
  • Marketing events made easy! 
    • We have created four seasonal “sensational” marketing events all ready for you to roll out with flyers, admission tickets, social media memes and even projects/games for those sensational kiddos
  • Professionally curated marketing materials for in-office and social media branding.  Materials are created to correlate with webinar topics and include:
    • “Practice Pearls”- educational hand-outs for patients and other professionals
    • “Patient Prompting Questions”- created to spark conversations with patients and stimulate in-office referrals
    • Social media marketing memes- personalize each meme with your name and office info!
  • Much more great material!

Content is continually added and updated for ongoing learning! 

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The Intersect4Life Learning Academy was created out of need for easy access on-line learning material that integrates key foundational systems (immune, gastric, endocrine and sensory-motor) required for optimal neurodevelopment as well as physical and mental health across all ages.


Our program is much more than just AMAZING content to increase your knowledge base and help more children and families in your community thrive. It incorporates a full press marketing and branding opportunity with professionally curated materials for in office and social media campaigns!


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