The MEMP Academy

The MEMP Academy

Are you ready to have a waiting list practice of new patients?!


The Master’s Elite Mentorship Program (MEMP) was initially created for those doctors that had taken Dr. Buerger’s neurofunctional development classes and her neuronutritional classes and wanted to continue to expand their learning in a mentorship style format.  Once word got out about the integrity of the program, doctors that had taken other courses were interested in the MEMP Academy because of its supportive nature and more one-on-one approach which has made implementing the information more successful in their practices.  The most common reason doctors have joined the MEMP Academy is the desire to take their practices, their communities and their personal lives to the ultimate level of health and success and feel confident in doing so.



About MEMP
The MEMP is more than taking your intellectual knowledge to a higher level, it’s about taking your LIFE to a higher level!  It’s about living a full life, a congruent life and a life in which you will leave a legacy.   It’s about making an imprint and an imp-ACT on your community!


The MEMP will cover in depth of the four key systems of health:  neuroimmune, neurogastric, neuroendocrine and neurosensory systems.  You will also learn how to identify and manage the “3M’s”:  methylation, mitochondria and metabolism. 


This unique program brings together key aspects of functional neurology, functional biochemistry (functional medicine), and behavioral epigenetics.


Q: “Is the MEMP just for those wanting to work with kids on the spectrum & with ADHD or other neurodevelopmental disorders?”

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!  The Master’s Elite Mentorship Program is for those that want to CHANGE LIVES!……STARTING WITH THEIR OWN!!  It’s about using your all to help those on the spectrum, those with ADHD, those with brain injuries, those with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, fertility issues, thyroid issues, chronic illnesses, depression and overall optimal health!!!

When do we start?!
 Due to high demand and full classes, we do not have a current date scheduled for our next class. We anticipate the next enrollment to be in 2019.


A Sampling of Topics Covered:

  • In depth history taking (adult & pediatric)
  • “Gut Rehab”
  • Chronic Stealth Infections
  • Immune Deficiencies
  • Thyroid & Hormone Dysfunction
  • Neurosensory Dysfunction in children, adults and chronic degenerative disorders
  • Methylation from A to Z
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Metabolic Imbalances
  • Neurotransmitter Function
  • Neurotransmitter & Gut Connection in Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Mental and Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Lab Interpretations
  • Clinical Decision Making & Case Management
  • Personal Health & Wealth Acquisition
  • Implementation & Marketing
  • So much more!

Due to the level of information to be covered and the desire to give personalized attention to each doctor, the MEMP will be limited to a small group of only twelve doctors.




The following three options are pre-requisites to be eligible for our MEMP Academy: 

Completion of the following three classes All ON-LINE through our Intersect4Life Learning Academy:

  • Fostering Optimal Neurodevelopment
  • Balancing the TWO Brains
  • Methylation, Mitochondria & Metabolism

Live and On-line Options: (completion of both)

  • Any of Dr. Buerger’s live Neurofunctional Development Seminars
  • Methylation, Mitochondria & Metabolism on-line class

developingMINDS University

  • Currently enrolled in our DMU program; either the certification program or the on-line only option
  • Completion of our DMU certification or on-line only option



MEMP Details & Benefits
MEMP members will meet on-line one Tuesday per month for an on-line lecture class that is 1.5-2.0 hours. In addition, they will meet one Thursday morning each month for “clinical rounds”.  All classes are on-line and recorded for repeated studying and/or if you are unable to attend live on-line.  Each member will also meet privately every eight weeks for a half-hour “one on one” with Dr. Buerger to discuss any aspect of their choosing; including their personal quest for health and success. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Four community outreach PowerPoint workshops throughout your membership:
    • “Chiropractic, the key to your brain!”
    • “Attention.  Learning. Behavior.  Why so many children are struggling and what to do about it!”
    • “Listening to your gut!”
    • “How well do you wear your GENES?!”
  • Various hand-outs and forms to use in your practice.
  • The “Web of Health” interactive ROF presentation for the ultimate patient education, follow through and retention.  This can also be used for an AMAZING Community Outreach Program as well!
  • A secure internet forum will be set up exclusively for this group to discuss cases, post forms and hand-outs, etc.
  • Marketing strategies (some fun, new and exciting “with the times” marketing will be provided!!)
  • Premium pricing on THE Elite Retreat ($100 discount)
  • Premium pricing on all Intersect4Life live or on-line classes ($50 discount)
  • Premium pricing on all products ($25 discount)
  • Private live retreats just for MEMP doctors
  • More fun stuff!

When do we start?!
 Due to high demand and full classes, we do not have a current date scheduled for our next class. We anticipate the next enrollment to be in 2019.