Whole Brain-Whole Body Learning Through Chiropractic Care!

Dr. Monika Buerger is one of the most well respected and known pioneer and expert in her profession for working with and developing a successful and comprehensive program for those with Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as: ADD/HD, Autism Spectrum, Sensory Processing and Learning Disorders.


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One in six children in this country are said to have a sensory processing disorder, join Dr. Buerger for: “Whole Brain-Whole Body Learning Through Chiropractic Care!”


Learn cutting edge pearls on what signs to look for, what questions to ask and how chiropractic care can affect brain and sensory-motor function! Ask questions, get answers, gain confidence and commitment to help change more lives and change the future for generations to come!!

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The integration of primitive reflexes and the development of postural reflexes are key to proper sensory-motor development. Proper sensory-motor processing is essential in order for a child to be able to learn academically, socially, emotionally and motor skills. When any of the eight sensory systems are dysregulated, a child may have difficulty with attention, focus, cognition, mood, social and academic performance and more!


Primitive reflexes should be integrated by no later than the first year of life. Dr. Buerger will cover how to evaluate primitive and postural reflexes in the older child (ages 4 and up). She will also demonstrate specific integration maneuvers and specific exercises that can be applied for each reflex should they remain active. Because each child’s functional capacity is different, she will also address how to modify/adapt these depending on the ability of the child. She will also discuss the important role that chiropractic care has on the integration of primitive reflexes, the development of postural reflexes and the development of the sensory-motor systems.


This course is packed full of critical information that can change the tide on a child’s health, development and success in life!