October is National Sensory Awareness Month!

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Learn cutting edge pearls on how chiropractic care can affect brain and sensory-motor function!


Dr. Monika Buerger is one of the most well respected and known pioneer and expert in her profession for working with and developing a successful and comprehensive program for those with Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as: ADD/HD, Autism Spectrum, Sensory Processing and Learning Disorders.


Dr. Buerger established a highly successful private family practice in Northern California from 1992 until 2009. In February of 2010, she brought her expertise to Southeastern Idaho with a clinic in Ammon, Idaho specializing in Neurodevelopmental Disorders and healthy pregnancies.


Now, with Intersect4Life, Dr. Buerger is opening up all of her knowledge, expertise and mentorship to people around the country (like you) who want to build a sustainable future and practice in your local community!

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