Building The Foundation of Health

Part 1: Poop Room (Gastrointestinal System)

Part 2: Sleep Room

Part 3: Blood Sugar Room

Part 4: Breathing Room (Oxygen)

Building The Foundation of Health

With any patient, pediatric or adult, in addition to the AMAZING power of chiropractic, it is essential to address the “Four Foundational Rooms” of health. This series of four lectures gives you key elements of basic steps that should be addressed in order to start the road to optimal health! For those looking to address higher level function, we urge you to consider joining the Intersect4Life Master’s Elite Mentorship Program (MEMP)!

We have also produced some wonderful handouts to use during your history taking and to help initiate proper steps of care, along with an awesome handout to give patients for better follow through!


Download Practitioner’s Foundational Notes