Spring, Summer and Fall Sensory Parties

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Technical Instructions

Sensational Parties

Sensational Patient/Community Party Helpful Hints!

  • Listen to the associated two videos as Dr. Buerger gives some helpful tips to consider when planning your events.  The second video is geared more towards various games to play for your adults and kiddos.
  • Plan your date far enough in advance so that the location is secured and you can start your marketing and announcements about 30 days prior.
  • Some ideas on how to use the tickets:
    • Give two tickets (or the number of your choosing) to your current patients and ask them to invite family members or friends that are not yet patients of yours to join them.
    • Send two tickets to patients that you have not seen in a while with a note inviting them to join the celebration.
    • If you are in an office complex or located near other businesses, pass out some of the tickets those patrons.
    • If you are doing a Community Appreciation Party, pass out some of the tickets to other key businesses that you do business with and/or Chamber of Commerce staff, etc.
  • Personalize the flyers and put them up throughout your office at least 30 days prior to your event.  To capture the attention of your patients and create some extra excitement, mount them to a piece of poster board and hang from the ceiling in your office along with some decorations reflecting the season or theme of your party.
  • Use the marketing memes to create a campaign with all of the details on various social media sites.


The following resources are available for your usage:

Event Tickets

Print out the PDFs of these tickets and enter your office information and hand out to your patients and within your community.
Download Event Tickets


Print out the PDFs of these 8.5×11 flyers and post around town and throughout your office to get extra attention!
Download Flyers

Social Media Graphics

Place these images directly on your Facebook page to increase your social reach and share!

Download Facebook Graphics

Click here to customize your own Memes!