Tethered Oral Tissues (Tongue Tie)

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Tethered Oral Tissues (Tongue Tie)

It’s not just about breastfeeding & speech…..
Tongue ties can affect the physiological structure of the spine and cranium and the neurological function of a child. That is why CHIROPRACTIC care is so important.

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TOTS, Tethered Oral Tissues, can consist of either a tongue tie (ankyloglossia), where the thin piece of skin under a baby’s tongue (the lingual frenulum) restricts movement of the tongue, and/or where the upper lip is restricted due to being anchored to the gum. This thin membrane of tissue should undergo cell death during embryonic development but in some cases will fail to do so, thus, creating a “tetheredlike” cord of tissue. TOTS is a condition that often runs in families and is said to have a genetic component.

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