Turning the Tide on Autism

Dr. Buerger presents the “Six Connections to Autism” to a group of DC’s (some additional pearls are in this lecture as opposed to the presentation Dr. Buerger does in a “laypersons” format)


In 1970 the rate of autism in the United States was one-in-ten-thousand. Fast forward to 2017 and the rate of autism in the United States is one-in-forty-five. If the rate of autism keeps increasing at the same page, by 2022, it is anticipated that one-in-nine three-year-olds will be diagnosed with autism. Sobering isn’t it?


We encourage you to view the Webinar, access the Professional Pearls & Media Marketing elements as well as consider purchasing our in-office slideshows and community promotional material as April is Autism Awareness Month. Additionally, download the free of charge press release template to involve your community and help them understand your unique talents as we try to eradicate this epidemic.


The Community Outreach PowerPoint: Turning the Tide on Autism

$149 – Wow YOUR community and patients with this amazing presentation that covers SIX Key Factors associated with autism and prevention steps for each of them!

Educate your audience on how a wellness lifestyle including chiropractic care, proper nutrition, avoiding toxins and other key factors can change the tide on the autism epidemic!


*Listen to the recorded webinar by Dr. Buerger for presentation tips and additional information!

In Office Patient Education Scrolling Slide Show

$99 – Educate your patients, stimulate referrals and BRAND YOUR PRACTICE, all while helping to change the tide on the autism epidemic!

This beautiful in-office video slide show can be played on a loop in your office waiting area or at a marketing booth during events in honor of Autism Awareness Month, or, anytime during the year. Stand out in your community as the “go to” doc for families and kiddos!

** Purchase both and save $50. Email support@intersect4life.com with any questions or technical support on how to use the materials. After entering the form fields, you will see a link to download your material. Please be patience in loading, as the files are large. **

Community Press Release

Download the FREE Community Press Release template document by clicking here.

Professional Pearls

Professional Pearls are created to use in your office! Feel free to download these PDF’s and print copies for all of your clients.

The increasing number of chemical, physical and emotional stressors on the developing fetus and infant are known to cause neurophysiological disruption that often times presents itself as “autism”. Some of the top stressors that have been shown to be associated with a child can be found within this Professional Pearl.

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Media Marketing

Media Marketing elements are professional created and designed Facebook & Twitter post images for you to use in your practice’s online marketing. Feel free to download these creative assets to show off your expertise and knowledge in your community about the topics we discuss.

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