Chiropractic and the Adapting Nervous System

This INCREDIBLE teaching poster is a wonderful way to help patients, even those left brain engineers, understand the way that the nervous system adapts under stress (trauma, toxins, thoughts and technology) and HOW chiropractic care and the Vagus Nerve play an integral part in the HEALTHY adaptation of nervous system function.

It is also an awesome way to connect with kiddos to help them understand what happens to their brain and body under stress.  In addition, it is extremely helpful to use with kiddos to help find their “weak links” of nervous system (sensory-motor) integrity and what makes them go “crazy brain” or “zone out”.

The purchase of this incredible teaching tool comes with a beyond valuable webinar where Dr. Buerger goes over how to use this in your practice with parents, kiddos and teachers.  Once they understand the adapting nervous system and WHY CHIROPRACTIC care is so key to a healthy brain and body, they will undoubtedly have a list of potential patients that would be the perfect fit for YOUR office!