Chiropractic and the Gut-Immune-Sensory Axis
AKA: The BIGGER Picture!

THIS phenomenal teaching poster is science made easy!  It helps explain in a nutshell the most recent cutting edge science known on health and well being from a physical and mental aspect.  This poster helps explain neurodevelopment, sensory-motor dysfunction, and chiropractic care and how a dysregulated autonomic nervous system will affect the neuroendocrine system and the gut-brain axis.  Optimal health and neurodevelopment hinge off of the chiropractic-gut-immune-sensory axis!

The purchase of this phenomenal teaching tool comes with an incredible webinar where Dr. Buerger gives you the ins and outs of the “BIGGER Picture” where you will gain certainty and confidence in what it is you do!  It will help patients see the “Bigger Picture” and the profound affects of dysregulation of this axis.  It is a great tool to promote optimal wellness and create a “wellness based practice” with patients that stay, pay and refer!