Chiropractic & The Web of Health

This AMAZING teaching poster allows patients to see the “tangled web” between the nervous system (top down approach) and the base (toxins) that will disrupt nervous system integrity and function. In turn, the nervous system controls the function of the four key systems (immune, sensory, endocrine and gut) and the three key biochemical systems (mitochondria, methylation and metabolism).

This teaching poster helps to show patients all the factors that need to be taken into consideration in order for the body to heal. It also helps educate patients on their responsibility in their healing journey and that it generally isn’t a “quick fix”!

The purchase of this wonderful educational tool also includes an awesome webinar where Dr. Buerger walks you through all the different aspects of The Web of Health and gives invaluable pearls to help explain “the tangled web we weave” to patients. Once patients are able to “connect the dots”, they are will have a list of potential patients to REFER to YOUR office!