Prenatal Stress: Beyond the Womb

The neuroscience literature of HOW prenatal stress affects neurodevelopment and WHY it is considered the basis for the neurobiology of physical and mental dis-ease is vast!

In this course, Dr. Buerger will present key strategies to help minimize the effects of fetal imprints related to maternal stressors.  She will teach attendees how to optimize the trajectory of neurodevelopment and minimize future “hits” that are known to trigger various dis-eases.

Dr. Buerger will cover:

  • Dysmaturation of the ANS and the long-term consequences on physical and mental health
  • Identifying developmental “red flags” for at-risk children
  • Postnatal “hits” that trigger neurological disorders such as autism, ADH/D, psychiatric disorders and the neurodegenerative cascade
  • How vagal tone and heart rate variability are related to neuromuscular development
  • Supporting vagal tone through the first two years of life via chiropractic care, parental-child interactions, movement patterns and neuronutrition
  • The importance of the gut-brain-vagus axis during critical windows of development
  • Understanding the Enteric Nervous System in brain function and development
  • Balancing the Microbiome of Baby (MOB)
  • How to manage the “low tone” kiddos
  • The critical role that chiropractic care plays in stress regulation of children
  • Steps to take in order to foster optimal neuorodevelopment:  fine and gross motor, language and social development
  • When, what, where co-management strategies

When we know better, we can do better….

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Instructor:  Dr. Monika Buerger, BA, DC

Sponsoring Institution:  Life Chiropractic College-West


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