This AMAZING teaching poster allows patients to see the “tangled web” between the nervous system (top down approach) and the base (toxins) that will disrupt nervous system integrity and function. In turn, the nervous system controls the function of the four key systems (immune, sensory, endocrine and gut) and the three key biochemical systems (mitochondria, methylation and metabolism).

This INCREDIBLE teaching poster is a wonderful way to help patients, even those left brain engineers, understand the way that the nervous system adapts under stress (trauma, toxins, thoughts and technology) and HOW chiropractic care and the Vagus Nerve play an integral part in the HEALTHY adaptation of nervous system function.

THIS phenomenal teaching poster is science made easy!  It helps explain in a nutshell the most recent cutting edge science known on health and well being from a physical and mental aspect.  This poster helps explain neurodevelopment, sensory-motor dysfunction, and chiropractic care and how a dysregulated autonomic nervous system will affect the neuroendocrine system and the gut-brain axis.  Optimal health and neurodevelopment hinge off of the chiropractic-gut-immune-sensory axis!

This infographic is packed with “to the point” pearls to help educate your patients and community on the principles of neuro-adaptation and neuro-expression! Use it in the office or when doing community outreach events! This is a fantastic graphic to use alongside the Chiro-Gut-Immune-Sensory Axis poster!

Use this phenomenal lecture on how technology is affecting brain development and function to educate your patients and community on how the use of technology affects mood, sleep, attention, learning, memory and more.

We have also created some wonderful hand-outs and questionnaires to use along with your presentation!

This easy to use reference guide will hold up against time with each page laminated for durability! Designed out of request from doctors that have mentored with Dr. Buerger, this reference guide is an essential MUST HAVE for anyone that works with the pediatric population.


Two beautiful Power Point Presentations to use for Community Outreach Lectures; one for the lay public and one for professionals showing the “How” and “Why” Chiropractic is an essential cornerstone of treatment in children with Neurosensory Dysfunction.

A wonderful way to promote optimal wellness in your practice and in your community!
This presentation covers environmental stressors as well as physical stressors (subluxations) that interfere with proper neurodevelopment. It will help to promote proper nutritional care and chiropractic care for optimal health and function.

This inspiring presentation gives HOPE to parents and teachers for those children that are struggling! Understanding the WHY behind a child’s behavior or learning challenges is key to both parents and teachers. Be able to educate your community on the chemical, physical and emotional stressors that are interfering with so many children’s ability to thrive in life.

This powerful presentation is perfect for the 21st Century savy consumer that loves to “Dr. Google” and take their health into their own hands! Impress your community by explaining the neurophysiology of chiropractic care and the power chiropractic adjustments can have on their brain and overall health.   Help your patients and community understand the stress axis and how a sympathetically driven nervous system is a cascade for disaster.

This is a great In-Service Workshop for teachers and parents to help them understand the WHY behind some of the behaviors & struggles children may be exhibiting; especially at the beginning of the school year.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Contains Hx & PE forms specially for sensory dysfunction, Treatment Disclaimer, Sensory and Academic Profiles (infant/toddler, pre-school, 5-12, and 12+ yrs), Analysis of Evaluation Form, Treatment Recommendation Form and more!

Includes 30 weeks of “easy to implement” exercises for the classroom and/or for parents at home with pictures and instruction for each exercise. The ex- ercises start out easy in the early weeks and build up over time. It is based on the average number of weeks in a given school year so teachers can easily implement and change exercises each week to keep children engaged. Various modi cation on certain exercises are given to either make easier or harder depending on a child’s ability.

This powerful presentation is perfect for the 21st Century savy consumer that loves to “Dr. Google” and take their health into their own hands! Impress your community by giving a great presentation on Individual Wellness Care and the role epigenetics have on our genes!