Dr. Buerger’s Connecting with the Sensory Defensive Child

Connecting with the Sensory Defensive Child

Dr. Buerger’s Latest Upcoming CE Course

Derailed: The Hijacking of our Children’s Neurodevelopment

This course is a MUST for any chiropractor working with children!


With the ever increasing rise in neurodevelopmental disorders and childhood illnesses, it is important that the Doctor of Chiropractic working with children have an understanding of the multitude of factors that can be attributed to this epidemic. In addition, they should be well versed in various stressors that can potentially disrupt optimal neurodevelopment and have concrete tools to help cultivate a preventative approach using the philosophy of a chiropractic lifestyle. They should also be aware of atypical development patterns in the first year of life that can alter the trajectory of neurodevelopment- potentially leading to physical and/or mental illness later in life.